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  • Wondering about blogging, this new interactive Internet option, bound to change the way humans communicate, learn and get involved? A blog is a software, which permits a blogger (I don't like the term either, how about writer) to communicate and the reader to respond. Comments, even if only to say hello are alway welcome. Most blog writers will gladly incorporate reader's input sent by mail. Blogs thrives on regular entries. These usually appear latest first. That is, to get the full picture the reader must read from the bottom up (in case of individual topics scroll down to their respective beginning). This blog, like most other blogs, is a live journal. Its has several sub-sites, devoted to individual subjects. In these sub-sites (you find them in the entries) posts are presented chronologically, with newest entries to be accessed from the side-bar.

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September 13, 2006


I Gallop On

Hi, many thanks for linking to my blog. Glad you like it. I have been too busy the last couple of weeks and haven't had time to post anything, but will get back on that blogging horse here shortly.

So glad I found your blog. I have been meaning to compile a list of equestrian blogs and put on Will be sure to add yours there when I get to it and I'll visit again!

Pax. Kimberly

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